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About Us

We are a local, family-owned company that specializes in flood & water damage cleanup in the greater Houston area.

Our goal is to remove water-damaged items from your home quickly and properly so that you can begin the process of getting things repaired or replaced and in general just getting things back to normal.

An Honest Company That You Can Trust

We know that during times like this, dishonest businesses and scams show up by the dozens. They love to take advantage of people at times when they’re most vulnerable. We’re disgusted by such crooks as much as you are.

So if you’re looking for a flood damage cleanup company that honors their word and will do the work right, you’ve found one.

Here are a few more reasons why you can trust us:

We're Local

We're a local Houston company. We lived and worked here way before Hurricane Harvey.

We're Experienced

We have been doing flood damage cleanup since the days of Hurricane Allison (2001).

You Pay Nothing Upfront

We don't ask for any money upfront. You pay us when the job is finished.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Here are few of the things that will we do for you when cleaning up and removing your flood damage:

Furniture & Appliances

We remove all of the flood-damaged furniture, appliances, electronics, household items and clothing.*

Carpet & Flooring

We remove all of the water-damaged carpets, carpet padding, rugs, vinyl, laminate & wood flooring.

Cabinets, Doors & Trim

We remove all of the flood-damaged cabinets, doors, door trim, wall trim & flooring trim.

Drywall & Insulation

We remove all water-damaged drywall, wallboard and insulation up to an appropriate level.

Mold Deterrent

After all flood-damaged items have been removed, we treat all exposed wood framing with a mold deterrent solution.

Sweep & Clean

Finally, we sweep and clean up your floors and leave them free of debris.

*All removed items are placed curbside or in another location of your choice on your property.


What To Do After a Flood


Water is heavy. So check for any visible structural damage to your home before entering such as a warped or cracked foundation or roof damage. Contact utility companies if you suspect damage to water, gas, electric or sewer lines.


Before entering your flood-damaged home, protect yourself by wearing rubber boots, rubber gloves, protective eyewear and a breathing mask. Afterwards, immediately clean anything that came in contact with flood water including your clothes.


If any electrical wires are or were submerged in flood water, it’s best to turn off the power until you’re sure it’s safe to turn it on.


Before removing any flood-damaged items, go around and take pictures of your home and everything in your home. You will need these for your insurance claim or when seeking government assistance. They will also come in handy in the sad event your house gets looted while you are gone.


When thousands of homes flood in a certain area, insurance agents and companies get bombarded with phone calls and claims. So it’s best to contact your insurance company asap so that they can begin processing your claim without any delay.


Mold can begin growing within just two days after a flood. So it’s important to act quickly and salvage what you can and then remove the flood-damaged items from your home. This includes furniture, clothing, carpets & flooring, drywall, and insulation.


After a natural disaster that affects so many people, government agencies such as FEMA provide financial assistance to those affected. So even if you have insurance coverage, contact these agencies to see if you qualify for any additional assistance or resources.


Sad to say, looters love to take advantage of situations like this. So if you are not currently staying in your home, secure it as best you can. Utilize your home security system if you have one or ask neighbors who have returned to their home to keep an eye on yours.

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